The ART of Selling

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The ART of Selling

The Art of Sales

Selling, the art of persuasion, is evident in every area of our lives. Each product made and almost all services –must be sold. Without salespeople the world would stop!

Regardless of the title on your business card, you are in the selling business. Perhaps you’re thinking, “Not me! I don’t SELL! I just show my products. They sell themselves, people just buy them.” Not really. Consider this: Don’t you have to say something about them to take the order?

Then you are in sales. Everyone sells: Ever made a friend? You sold your personality. Ever won an argument? You sold your side of the discussion. Ever been promoted at work? You sold your skills and were rewarded for it. The examples are endless. Whether you want to admit it or not, selling is something every one of us does, every day. Because in every conversation someone is the seller and someone is the buyer!

Since we are all engaged in the business of selling, it only makes sense to learn a little something about the art and skill of persuasion.

What Selling Is Not
Selling isn’t just telling and talking, but rather it is sharing an idea with enthusiasm because of the benefits that the idea offers.

What is Selling?

  • Selling involves persuading someone to: Think about something the way you do, Feel the way you do and then ACT the way you want them to act.
  • Selling is using words that paint ‘mental pictures’ that illustrate, what owning the product or embracing the idea will mean to the recipient.
  • Selling is asking questions and listening twice as hard to the answers, then doing something with what you just heard. After all, you have two ears and one mouth, and in selling or persuading, you should use those assets in the same proportion: 2 to 1.
  • Always remember: “Don’t talk too much. Less is more!”

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