“Thank you, Jan, for sharing your wisdom with us. I love your “no-nonsense, proclaim who you are and stick to it” advising style. We hang on every word. Your advice is invaluable and greatly appreciated.”

—Jill Felts, President/CEO, Compelling Creations 

As you know we just returned from our incentive trip to Puerto Vallarta. To that trip, we added some Training for our upper level leaders, conducted by Jan Gilmore of Jan Gilmore & Associates. Our leaders were so impressed! They told us how much they learned and how many ideas they would take home and implement. That got us to thinking: what if we could offer that type of training In small ‘bite-sized pieces to the consultants in your groups?

Well, we talked with Jan and she and her training associate, Carol Caito have agreed to present a ‘Developing Supervisors’ program.”

—Paul Anderson, C.O.O, For Every Home

Awesome call.  So much valuable information.  Just recruited someone this weekend. Talking to another this week so I’ll use much of this.

Thank you!”

—Barbara Williams, Unit Director/Founder, For Every Home

Jan was a pleasure to work with.  Her experience along with her open mindedness placed her in a position to completely understand our sales force and some of their challenges.  In doing so she was able to relate with them and provide them with some very helpful training tools while thinking outside the box.  Working with Jan was extremely refreshing!”

—Janet M. Rickstrew, CEO/Co-founder, Tomboy Tools, Inc.

Jan, thanks so much for being a part of our Tomboy Tools convention this weekend! I loved your no nonsense guides and information!”

—Bobbi Sevigney, consultant, Tomboy Tools

Jan Gilmore was phenomenal. Her presentation for our leadership was spot-on, actionable and exactly what our leaders needed. Her humor made it all that much more enjoyable. Her tell-it-like-it-is style resonated with our leaders and even now, months later, they are saying her messages continue to fuel them.”

Natalie Johns, Director of Communications, Thirty-One Gifts

“Thank you so much for your inspiring words & many laughs this past weekend! You are phenomenal & we all loved having you! I hope you have a wonderful week!”

—Robin Morrison, consultant, Thirty-One Gifts

“I want you to know that something YOU said at the Thirty-One Conference has changed my approach to my business. ‘The speed of the team is determined by the speed of the leader!’ I have said that to myself more times than you know since returning from conference. Even my team is noticing a change in me. Thank you so much for sharing your insight with us all!!!”

—Wendy Hall Dudley, consultant, Thirty-One Gifts

“My business changed forever the day I met you years ago!”

—Paula Brockner, consultant, The Pampered Chef

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