Have your sales stalled, recruiting dead, and you need a full-proof plan to turn things around?

Here is what Pat Secrist of Secrist Dolls
has to say about Jan:

“Jan Gilmore is the rarest of business consultants. She actually saves you money.”

PAT SECRIST, President, Secrist Dolls

Jan has lived through most kinds of direct selling situations that you and your company are facing or could face and she knows how to handle them. From retention of consultants to recruiting slumps, from stagnant growth to building a sustainable direction and training for field leadership, Jan knows strategies and techniques that work, as well as ones that look like they should work, but don’t.

Jan can talk to you — one executive to another, listen to your challenges, and help you find those solutions. When you engage Jan you get a partner who has the breadth of experience to make a difference and she is truly committed to your business success.

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