Contemplating Starting a Direct Selling Company?

One client, Market Day, had this to say about Jan's expertise:

“Market Day had been successfully conducting business for over 28 years, when we decided to launch our direct selling company, Market Day Gourmet. We didn’t know this industry, weren’t familiar with its concepts and culture. So we talked to Jan Gilmore then engaged her to guide us through the maze.

Jan not only designed our compensation plan, marketing programs and did our test parties, etc., she educated our internal staff to the differences between this business and a traditional one. Hiring Jan was a smart decision!”

JEFFREY BOIES, C.E.O. Chairman, Market Day

This direct selling business looks pretty easy to do but it is not easy to execute. It does take inside knowledge. As a top executive with a keen understanding of field sales organizations and direct selling corporate thinking, Jan knows the direct sales industry, the field sales thinking and the corporate culture. That knowledge comes from Jan’s 35 plus years of experience.

She has spent the last 11 years consulting, speaking, training and working with established companies, whilst specializing in helping new companies enter the field. She can provide the skillset and the mindset necessary for helping your company launch, successfully.

Jan can outline an effective strategic plan to propel your business forward. She can not only design your sales model and marketing materials, she can go out to the field and personally test them.

Her expertise can help save you from making those simple mistakes. The mistakes you make when “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

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