Looking for a “passionate” speaker who knows the industry, and can ignite a flame in your people?

Here is what Bead Retreat Ltd. had to say about Jan:

“Jan Gilmore has been a Bead Retreat keynote speaker for both a national and a leadership conference.

Her expertise, experience and unique perspective have not only inspired our Coordinators at the conferences, but also translated to success in the field.

Jan has a gift that she shares with her audience and they come away with words to use in their own Bead Retreat business that give them confidence and energy. She was truly one of the highlights of our conferences.”

LESA SHEPHERD and CINDI SWETT, Co-founders, Bead Retreat Ltd.

“Awesome! No nonsense and perfect timing for me.”

“Excellent speaker. Great material.”

“Informative without being too overwhelming.”

“Worth her weight in gold with PRACTICAL advice, suggestions and ideas.”

“She probably will single-handedly change the way I lead my team!!!”

“Keep Jan coming back.”

“Absolutely wonderful. I heard so many good things about Jan’s speaking and am pleased to say she lives up to her standards.”

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