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Jan Gilmore

She is a passionate advocate for direct selling with 35 plus years of experience in the business. Her knowledge of what makes direct selling tick is unsurpassed and it comes from direct experience.

Jan is one of the few industry consultants who have experience in both field sales and in corporate leadership with in top direct selling companies. Her insights provide you and your company with a unique skill set to help you understand what works, what doesn’t and why.

She is a former elementary school teacher from Australia, married with one son, one grandson and one husband. Jan became involved in Direct Sales by accident when a “door to door” salesman called on her and showed her a set of children’s books.

After calmly announcing that she thought she could sell these books, Jan began a career spanning over 35 years in Australia, New Zealand, United States and Canada.

Jan has sold, recruited, trained and developed managers in all the above countries, both in the field and in corporate settings. She has taken organizations that were failing and helped them build skills and talents to grow their teams.

Her resume includes stints in the sales field and as president of the parent company of her first sales venture: to executive vice president of one of the most successful party plan companies in the U.S.A., through its fastest growth stage. She was also in charge of the very successful launch of that company into the Canadian Market.

Jan took a break from business. Again, by accident, as people and companies wanted to tap into her skills and expertise, she began consulting with both established and start up companies.

Always in demand as a speaker and trainer, because of her “practical no nonsense and humorous approach,” she has established Jan Gilmore Unlimited to serve the direct selling industry.

Over 35 Years of Experience in Direct Sales!

Carol Caito

Carol has almost 20 years of experience in the Direct Selling Industry. And like many others ‘fell’ into it, by accident, when she reluctantly attended a home party. At the time, Carol was the owner of a successful twenty-six year old design business and certainly not looking for another challenge. However, the concept intrigued her and before she knew it, she became involved. Now she had two businesses, which she continued to run for some time.

It wasn’t long, before the ‘pull’ of the selling, recruiting and helping the people on her team develop their skills won out and she sold her design business to concentrate on her new love.

Carol spent over 10 years in the field, selling recruiting and building leaders. During that time she conducted 2,000+ parties, averaging well over $100,000 in personal sales each year. She managed a team of over 200, personally recruited directly from parties, in her first line. And over 30% of her total team developed into Leadership Roles. That was no accident.

As a passionate trainer and a believer in personalized coaching with follow up and follow through, Carol helps Consultants realize their full potential. A few years ago she made the transition to a corporate leadership position responsible for developing and implementing sales, recruiting and leadership development programs.

After gaining corporate experience, working for three companies, including one start-up, Carol joined Jan Gilmore and Associates as the Senior Associate. In this position, she has the opportunity to serve many corporate clients, who are in need of help; either as a start-up and or a company struggling with the development and implementation of training programs to build a strong foundation. She specializes in personally designing customized Leadership Programs, (a) to develop Leaders or (b) to coach Leaders to the next level of expertise. A hallmark of Carol’s coaching is the way she teaches the skills, clearly defines the Action Plans and then holds attendees accountable.

Carol is married and the mother of two adult children. She is a passionate gardener, and as you can imagine loves to see things grow and bloom.

“Personally, I have known Carol for over 16 years and now working with her for the last few years, it is clear to me why she has done so well in any task she tackles. She finishes it . . . no matter what, and it will be delivered on time . . . no matter what . . . and it will be done, well! She cares about the clients as though they were family.” Her philosophy says it all. 

—comment from Jan Gilmore

We all have the choice to get up every day, build our skill sets, work our business and better our life, or the lives of people we meet.
It doesn’t get any better than that!

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