A Body In Motion Tends To Stay In Motion!

Posted on 21st October, by Jan Gilmore in Blog, Sales. 1 Comment

A Body In Motion Tends To Stay In Motion!

There is a commercial on TV right now that says a body at rest tends to stay at rest…. a body in motion tends to stay in motion.  You have probably seen it, if you watch any TV.  It is all about getting started with exercising by taking that first step.  And, it put me in mind of how  ‘Selling’ and particularly the Direct Selling is really just like that.  Something in motion tends to stay in motion…and then it builds momentum and that momentum helps you build a routine. As writer Peter James says, “Routine gives you structure.  Structure gives you perspective.  Perspective gives you a horizon.”

What he is really saying is that if you will get into a routine you won’t have to think or decide about whether or not you will do something…your routine will have structured your day.

Let me give you an example of what I mean.  When you are in direct sales you have to talk to people, in person or on the phone.  But most people hate picking up the phone, to set an appointment, a recruiting interview or book a party.   It is so easy NOT to pick up the phone they would rather find one excuse after another for not doing what they know they need to do…They are ‘a body at rest’…No motion… No momentum and that is where they will remain “at rest”

But what good is that…is it restful? … No…because they keep thinking and worrying about not doing what they know they must do eventually or their career won’t remain “at rest” it will be D.O.A, (dead on arrival.)

So what to do?  You have to start.  How? Change your thinking. Change your mindset. Stop trying to control the outcome.  Instead, try controlling what you can control.

For example: Set a goal to pick up the phone and make calls for 20 minutes and then stop!  Reward yourself for achieving that manageable goal.  That is the key your goal was manageable and achievable, because it did not depend on any one or anything else but you and your actions.  Don’t worry whether you got an appointment, a booking or anything else, at this time…that will come when you are building a habit and getting into a routine.  This routine will give you your structure and that structure will give you perspective.   Once you are in the routine, then you can begin to work on your skills.  But let’s get the routine set…that ‘body in motion,’ before you tackle that next goal.






One response to “A Body In Motion Tends To Stay In Motion!”

  1. Esteban Nina says:

    What a great post. I think you’re so right about not just getting it moving. There is so many things we tend to put off for later. All we have to do is hunker down and just start. It is easier said than done; but if we just close our eyes and get things started we’ll feel so accomplished.

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